Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Electric Device Transformer Labeling and Safety

06 09 2010

Electric Device Transformer Labeling and Safety

Whether it is a charging station for a cell phone or a power tool, always take a permanent gray magic marker and label the transformer as to what phone or tool is goes with. Do this when you first buy it. Also if there is space write how long it takes to charge on it also.

This saves time and waste in the future with regards to finding the transformer as they all look alike and the fact that the transformer is a form of hazardous waste. Plus the fact that if you hook up the wrong transformer to an electric device unknowingly you could start a fire if at the very least you do not ruin the device. I do not use sticky labels because there could be an issue with heat dissipation.

Here is a link to my store where you can buy the Sharpie Silver Metallic Permament Markers pictured above. The caps stay on tight and they last a very long time.

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