Friday, April 30, 2010

Char Beans

Char Beans 04 30 2010

Do you have someone in your family that likes to get up late at night and use the stove. Do they sometimes leave the burner on and you wake up smelling smoke from what is burning at the bottom of the pan on the stove.

Here is something simple you can do to create a reminder for them. It is can of beans with a charred surface, created with a grill lighter. On it I have written Char Beans in Permanent Black marker. On the top of the can I have written PM snack. The markings are coated with a water based acrylic clear coat so they do not wipe off.

When you go to bed at night place this on the stove top so that they see it and it serves as a reminder to what could happen. In this picture you will also see a fire extinguisher mounted to the left and back from the stove. A stove is probably the most likely place to cause a fire in your house. Toaster ovens are the worse.

I know they say not to mount a smoke detector in your kitchen because of false alarms. But if you think of it, in your kitchen or near it is the best place to mount it because you will be alerted to something left on the stove and burning quicker this way.

God Bless

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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