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The Triangle of Death 07 10 2010

The Triangle of Death 07 10 2010

I knew about the Triangle of Death long before I knew what it was called.

My understanding of it is this; The Triangle of Death refers to how the nerves in your nose and the blood flow from the top of your nose down to the upper corners of your mouth connect directly to your brain.

It is this way because as men, we are hunters by nature. And many of our decisions historically regarding game and life may have been made by our sense of smell.

If you don’t believe me you have never smelled a possum pass by and then feel nauseous. You have never passed by a rancid pile of crap in the woods and winced.

As primitive hunters we learned how to distinguish between different types of spore (Crap, pooh, shit) smells. This provided hunters safety and skills of cunning as they learned from this what game was near.

As I walk through the woods today, I may not always recognize smells, but I am certain my sense of smell does play some subconscious role, meaning, it is part of my thinking I am not aware of, in finding game.

Our sense of smell plays a much more prominent and greater role in our daily lives regarding the triangle of death today than it ever did. Do as I do to protect your triangle of death or nose.

Here is what you need. A bag of cotton balls that cost 88 cents and some plastic zip seal lunch bags.

Keep a bag full of these in each car you own, your garage where you keep your cars and gas cans, your workshop where you keep and use paints and cleaners. Near where you keep your barbecue grill items. Your laundry room and bathroom where you also keep highly aromatic compounds. Aromatic compound for the sake of this article means a substance liquid or gas that disperses rapidly in the air while still having a strong smell. These smells, odors and fumes do not belong in your brain.

Here is my recommendation, temporarily plug your nostrils at the surface when needed to avoid breathing through them. And by God do not stick the damn cotton so far up your nose so far that it becomes stuck and need to have it surgically removed, after which they say there is a need to keep you for observation. If you have bigger nostrils use bigger clumps. My cotton balls usually hang out of my nose a good distance so that I can easily pull them out. Consider them immediately disposable, do not reuse them.

To digress a little bit, if you find yourself out in the cold and you stick them in your ears with a good portion sticking out, to pull out easy, you have made yourself the best temporary hat you can afford.

Back to my recommendation regarding your triangle of death. Put the cotton in at the gas station when filling up.

When pouring gas into gas tanks on equipment.

When using power tools that spew out carbon monoxide exhaust.

When using any kind of paint, (paint thinners are the worst), all paints have oxidants in them, these are dryers, they dry the sinuses while at the same time infuse them with chemicals. This often leads to sinus vulnerability and infections.

When using alcohol, alcohol is a drying agent as it evaporates readily, alcohol rapidly dries out the sinuses and the surface of the eyes. And dry eyes are not as easy to see from. We might just like to see well when driving a car.

When using washing soda, this is another bad one, use a respirator to protect your triangle of death, use disposable gloves and splash proof goggles.

When using any glue

When using shower cleaners, they are terrible.

When using automobile fluid and chemicals, brake clean is the worst, as is freshly drained hot and dirty motor oil.

When washing your cars wheels, brake dust, that black stuff often contains asbestos.

When using bleach in the laundry

Use and be exposed to perfumes and deodorants sparingly. In terms of deodorants, the germs that cause body odor, live in the hair follicles, so shave your armpits like you do your beard and you’ll need to use quite a bit less of these, irritants. They are drying agents also. When your eyes are dry they do not see as well.

Anytime something smells, you get the picture, the smell of it is the key.

You also sometimes need to use splash proof goggles and disposable nitrile gloves. Protect your hands because the most likely place you use them is near your face. And if you get stuff on them it can infuse into your bloodstream through your skin or if you touch your eye after awhile it can still irritate it. If you use any type of anti-inflammatory skin cream wash your hands thoroughly many times because again you are likely to touch your face and eyes. Capsaicin in the eyes is likely to cause a condition called scleroderma where they white part of the eye comes loose from its fixing to the eyeball. This can be very painful and lead to an eye infection or worse, loss of the eye.

I once got some anti dust mite laundry detergent on my finger and it was numb for three days.

When done using and being exposed to all chemicals for the day use ¾ cup of warm filtered water and ½ teaspoon of kosher salt thoroughly dissolved in it to flush your sinuses and eyes. It has proven safe and effective for my eyes. Remember salt is a natural component of tears.

Is the world being poisoned and therefore destroyed through modern alchemy (meaning chemistry)?

God Bless Those Who Care For Themselves and Others

Thomas Paul Murphy

Copyright 2010 Thomas Paul Murphy

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